Singtech Inc. dba KickPOWER is an international company dedicated to manufacturing, exporting, trading a large and diverse array of mobile accessories. In the United States, our company imports distribute directly to store (DSD), wholesale, and merchandise at the retailer level. You can find products manufactured by Singtech Inc. in the world's biggest and most renowned retailers such as TARGET, Walmart, Best Buy, TJX, Kohl's, Cartland, 7-eleven, E-Mart, Kaufland, Extra Mile, ARCO/AMPM adding to more than 5,000 convenience stores.

Singtech Inc. is committed to creating a better future and improving people's lives through digital experiences, providing the highest quality and most competitive market prices. We are passionate about innovation; we believe that ethical practices and business management are vital in becoming the industry leader and building successful business and relationships. Our vision is to become a beloved brand and a leading global company. For this, we dedicate all of our efforts and resources to create superior products and services that contribute to a better world.

Fair and transparent practices have earned us the trust of the world's biggest importers. We are always looking to build new relationships and make new friends worldwide to develop new business.