Kickpower - Fast Charging USB to USB-C Cable for any Smart Device (10ft)

Time to gear up with this ultra-fast USB-C Cable by Kickpower. This durable thick, threaded cable is built to bring you a full charge in roughly 30 minutes or less (depending on battery life percentages.) The cord measures a whopping 10 feet which is the perfect size for passenger charging when in the car or nearby charging when you are working at your desk whilst in the office or maybe you just want to use it as a jump rope, why not.

This cable is designed to work with any smartphone (Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or any other Andriod) or smart device with a Type-C port connection. It can be used with most universal and brand name wall chargers ranging in wattage; 18W, 20W, 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, 96W Power Adapter(s), or any 4,000 mAh Power Banks that feature USB‑A connection. We recommend any of our adaptors like the PD & USB 20 Watt Fast Charger Dual Port Qi to charge your device in the fastest way possible.