KickPOWER makes Inc 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List

“I am incredibly proud of my team and very thankful to all the people and companies that supported, believed, and trusted me by allowing me to work.” Ricardo Singer, President & CEO of KickPOWER.


KickPOWER ranked number 1,819 on the 2022 Inc.5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list. Making the list is a significant accomplishment for most businesses, especially during these trying times. In the last seven years, KickPOWER has cemented iconic partnerships and its charge cables and mobile phone accessories can be found in many top retailers around the country, including 7-Eleven, Circle K, Food-4-less, and ARCO’s Am/Pm stores, to name a few.


KickPOWER strives to produce premium quality charging accessories and consumer electronics for all smart devices. Certified for Apple, Android, and Bluetooth devices, KickPOWER will keep us connected with just the right amount of energy. We took the liberty of interviewing the President and CEO of KickPOWER, Ricardo Singer, on his Journey with KickPOWER and where he sees the road ahead.


When did you start your business?

“It was 2014 when I started selling cables and chargers to a few stores in Tijuana, Mexico. A few years later, we ranked 1,819 on the Inc.5000, America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List.”


What’s the most important asset if your business?

“I don’t believe there is one single thing; without a doubt, it is a combination of factors, such as the ability to hire smart and very talented people and to build excellent professional and personal relationships with customers and suppliers.”


How did you come up with KickPOWER for the name of your company?

“I wanted to portray a strong discharge of power, like what you get from an automobile battery jumper. I also remember working on cars with my father when I was a little boy; when trying to start an engine, he would shout, ““Hey, give it a kick!”” Also, when you start a motorbike, you kick the crank lever, so there you have it.”


What do you like best about your products? 

“That the product solves a problem, that it is beautiful and of the highest quality, and that it works.”


What future challenges do you see in the phone/tech industry?

“I don’t see any future challenges; I do see challenges every single day and carrying on into the future. The one thing I often think about is that there will be a time when you will plug in a device at home, and all your devices will charge wirelessly, constantly, so the need for cables will eventually disappear.”


What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

“I started the company because my former business cycle in telecom had come to an end.

I started selling cables and chargers because, at the time, the batteries in cellular telephones did not perform as needed; batteries ran out fast, so we needed to charge our phones constantly.”


Is there anything else you wanted to share about your company and making Inc.5000 List?

“We never set out to win this placement or any of our many awards and recognitions. Recently, we won the “Vendor of the Year” with ARCO Am/Pm in competition with the largest vendors, National and International brands, the ones everyone knows.

If you represent a quality product, you provide the best level of service you can, you react to everything instantly, don’t procrastinate, and respect the customer who trusts you with his hard-earned money; if you deliver on what you promise 100% of the time, you may succeed.

Additionally, I believe it is important to be grateful to everyone who touches you or your company; I would not have the opportunity to work without them.

Everything you do, do it 10X.”